Add to cart issue

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How do I keep the "BUY NOW" button and remove "ADD TO CART" button without programming.

I know how to remove the BUY NOW button in the Theme editing page. But the ADD TO CART stay there. I wish the other way around.

Is this change possible without knowledge of programming.  / Thank you!

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You would need to do that in code. If you are comfortable doing that, then share a link to your store and password (if the store is password protected) and someone will be able to advise you.

It's not a difficult thing to do, but you will need to go into the code to get it done.

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I have created two website on shopify and facing issue of add to cart in one of them and other second one is showing it on a right place used same features in both sites what will be a possible reason behind it?

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There are some other issues that I feel in my website page about ad to cart option. Its working well for some countries but in US my friends are complaining about its not responding why?