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Looking to see if there is a native way or an app to help with this. I'm trying to add an option that allows me to add variants to the product page. I added an example below of what I'm trying to do, also what my current product page is like. I want to have all the options like the "Modern Brown Queen Bed", where it also updates the price as you click on the check boxes and when you change the quantity.1122.PNG12.PNG

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Hi @sink120 


It's not a variant but more like a bundle product, where user can add items at their convenience and quantity if want.



We can create a similar functionality if not looking for an APP option.

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Hi @sink120,

You should consider using the Easify Product Options app to effortlessly generate custom options for your products, enabling customers to specify quantities for each selected option—mirroring the functionality of your reference website 😊.

Here's a sample illustration:





In the demo above, we showcase custom options using the Image Swatches style. If you prefer a checkbox display akin to your reference website, simply notify us through the in-app live chat.


App Settings (featuring in-app live preview):

  • Install the app and create a new option set.
  • Add an option for your upsell products, opting for a suitable type like Image Swatches or Checkbox.
  • Associate option values with your existing upsell products using the Add-on product feature.


  • Activate the Quantity Selector feature, empowering customers to choose quantities for selected option values. Customize min/max limits and the total number of option values customers can select.


  • Finally, selecting the main product(s) to incorporate your additional options.


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