Adding a image on a certain Page in Shopify

Adding a image on a certain Page in Shopify

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Wandering if we can add a image that spans the entire width of a page as per sample below. The image wont be large in height, just in width like below. Does anyone know the code to add the image and best sizes for this. Cheers 🙂 


Also whats the code involved if we also want to add the text like "Meet the team" which is in the middle of the image.


Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 9.44.52 AM.png


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Hello @kiburi-lifestyl 

Can you please let me know your theme name and store link then i can help you!

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@kiburi-lifestyl - you will need to create separate template for this particular page if you want to add this section on this page only. Or yo can try some page builder app like pagefly

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