Adding a ''newsletter'' page?

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Hi, I have a banner on my site advising people to subscribe to our newsletter but as there's no subscribe page all I was left to do is to send them to the homepage and adding to the banner a finger pointing dowwards (which is wherer the newsletter subscription is). All of this is confusing even to write. Is threre a way to create a simple subsribtion page? I'm using the brooklyn theme.

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Hey man this is so easy i can't believe nobody answered this question.

After you create your page, set the title and your body text, click on "Show HTML" in your content box, there should be a tool bar on top of the content field of your page. After it takes you there just copy your Custom HTML for your newsletter form at the bottom of the HTML, SAVE.

That should do it :)

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Hi There!

I'm trying to do this as well, and having a really hard time.

ZenithGV - were you trying to say to copy and paste the newsletter box HTML into a page? That's what I'm guessing... where can I find the HTML code for my newsletter signup?

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Hi! Were you able to do it? I need to do something like this.  When customers subscribe I need to show a quiz that I made with HTML. I already added the newsletter code to my page but then it shows me a recaptcha page and it doesnt show my quiz.

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I wanted to know the answer too but you lost me with "just copy your custom HTML."  I need the HTML for the newsletter which is both included in the popup and located at the bottom of my website (just like the first user stated).  Thanks!!!

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See my reply here (and get the code from earlier up in that thread) for adding a newsletter signup form to the contents of a page. You have to set up a new page template and add the code there, then assign that template to the page you want to use as the newsletter signup page. 

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Thank you very much. 

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hi! i've followed and succeeded based on your advice but the newsletter "block" shows now aligned to the left page side. 

Yet our header and text shows centered, so visually is not nice.

2 questions:

1. how can we center align the newsletter block to show on the page center? 

2. How can i get the "description" text from the "page" to show on top / before the sign up block?? 


thank you!