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Hi, I need to know if I can add a text box to my products pages where customers can add their own personalised text to the final product/order ie like their name which is to be printed on their order.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks


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Hi Keith,

Have a look to this tutorial:

This will allow your customers to add the custom text. In the Shopify order admin you will see the text entered. 

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products
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Hi Keith,

Chris from Shopify here. Mircea linked you a truly great document on how to get the feature you're looking for. There's also a free app that will allow you to create a spot where customers can enter in some text that you can add to their order. It's called Infinite Options and it only requires you to stick a small snippet of code into the product.liquid template. It's something to consider! Thanks again Mircea for linking that doc :).


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Hi Mircea 

Wanna ask is it possible to show the custom text which's typed by the customers on the product image ? like the text preview, customers can adjust the location of the custom text that they want to print on the product ?

Cuz I have tried the method you mentioned, it only shows the custom text on the cart page.

Thank you

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Hi Larry,

Yes, that is possible. There are some APPs out there that do this.

Also can be custom coded by using some layers on top of the original product image.

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products
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Hi Mircea 

Thank for your reply first, cuz I don't want to use the app to do this feature, as you mentioned, custom code can be used to add the layers on top of the original product image. How can I do that ?  which files should I edit ?  Shopify is quite new for me, I'm still exploring the coding funciton of it . 

Thank you so much 



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Hi Larry!

Did you ever find out about this in particular? I'm looking for a way to edit text on top of a product image with custom fonts. It's for a business sellingdigital cards.



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It depends on the theme. In Debut, look in product-card-grid.liquid and look for the below line: 


  <div id="{{ wrapper_id }}" class="grid-view-item__image-wrapper product-card__image-wrapper js">

That is where the product image starts and you can play with overlaying things on top. However, making the customized text appear on top of an image is probably harder than you expect. If you want it to happen "live" as the user is typing, that will involve some javascript and it's probably better to use an app or hire an expert. 


Hope this helps!

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Can anyone please recommend the apps available to display the text as customers input them online.

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2 0 1 is compatible with shopify for this feature, 

however it is 10/monthly.