Adding a second button to sections? Symmetry Theme

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Can anyone help me with a few questions I have about the Symmetry theme –

1. Is there a way to add a second button to 'Image with Text' sections?
2. Is there a way to add a second button or link to the 'Gallery' sections? 
3. Is it possible to increase the spacing between the products in the featured collection carousel? 
4. For the multi-column section, is it possible to set it so that there are 5 columns instead of 3?


EDIT: One more question –
5. Can I make the Custom Content section full width? 


Thanks so much

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@MichelleRB ,

Share the store URL....

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It's not currently live and it might not make sense if you don't know the context but let me know if this link works:

I have found a work around solution to question no. 1 but for the gallery sections, basically I am using these as brand buttons for an eyewear store, and their collections are divided by optical and sunglasses. So there isn't a collection for brands alone, there are only collections for brand X opticals and brand X sunglasses. This is how my client wants to keep it so I need to find a way to have two buttons so I can use the gallery as a portal to the brand collection pages. 

The rest of my questions I am just hoping to find answers for so I can clean up the design, it all seems a little too close and cluttered. But I do need to find a way to get five images in a row using the muti-column section.