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Adding both including VAT and excluding VAT prices on Dawn Theme

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I'm trying to edit the dawn theme in the code to add 2 prices one include VAT and the other excluding VAT. All the prices on the site are added Excluding VAT so they are displaying VAT which is what I want bit I also want to include the VAT price £100 Excluding VAT £120 Including VAT.


VAT is calculated at the checkout. So the final price at the checkout is £120 but at the product page and the cart, you only see £100 which is a bad user experience. 


I was using the Debut before and all I did was edit the code on some of the liquid pages where I just edited 


{{ product.price | money }}

with something like this


{{ product.price | money }} Exc VAT {{ product.price | times:1.05 | money }} Inc VAT


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Same problem.


And i'm not willing to accept a $15/month add on to do this for me.


Please can some one help identify which part of the code is referencing the price which needs to be used in the calculation to add VAT...?


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i need a solution to this also, if you found one, thanks

Thanks JP
Shopify Partner
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Same here...