Adding custom web form to Shopify page

Adding custom web form to Shopify page

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Hello i am having issues with the custom snippet code for a form populating on my shopify page. I have copied and pasted the code in the HTML section on the page buy when i save the code and preview the page the old form is still present and there is no indication that the code was inserted properly. 
Here is the link to the page on my site that has the current form im trying to replace:
Here is the code snippet:
<script src='' crossorigin='anonymous' id='fs_e797e9017e14ce21ed64ce1e5213c8ae94022b1328d4f908171c3549a57c4567'></script>
Here is the link to how the form is supposed to look:
shopiy custom order contact form.png212123.jpg 


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Hi, @bbpaul23 

I see that the form on the page has been replaced. You can try clearing the cache before viewing.



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