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hey guys.

I have a gift boxing business which includes a free gift card with purchase. How would I add this option at check out ie "Select card" and then have a drop down of 5 or so cards, and then an option where the customer adds a note they want written? If anyone can help please let me know.

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If this greeting card is an existing product with variant the gift wrap customization can be modified to get this result. 


That does make it a moderate to advanced customization.

If you want to get it done for you contact me at with this topic ,store name and theme.



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Hi @Beautgiftco !


I'm so glad you asked this question, as we've just released an app that does exactly this,


You drop the widget into your store and it lets users choose one of the greeting cards and personalize it with their own message and even add a video greeting. After they checkout we send you, the merchant' a PDF with the greeting card they selected for you to print and fold and include in the box.  That greeting card has a qr code on it too so the recipient can scan it and get all the personalized digital messages or videos they included.   


We do charge .99 cents a card and wanted the merchant to charge the end customer 1.99 though, but if you want to use this we are in beta so I'd be willing to work with you so you can accomplish exactly what you want.  Good timing for us, just let me know! rob. (we are a Canadian company)  All the best!