Adding Item Attributes to Order Notes

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I am trying to add each line item's weight and total order weight to the order notes. This should preferably be done during the checkout process. Any tips?

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Merchants that need this customization can get it by contacting me at with topic url,store url,theme and use-case details.

During the /cart phase you want to use either cart attributes or line item properties


If you must push data into the order.note, such as for an ERP,  rather than letting customers be able to use then you want to put the relevant data in the order.notes <textarea> value attribute in  your themes cart-template/ajax-cart-template.


And since customers should be prevented from editing that info the order.note textarea should be hidden with a style in the themes main style or as a style attribute on the textarea:



If you need the order note interactable for customers that means having to inject,preprend, or append this data to whatever customers may enter.

That's an advanced customization that will require javascript to do the work when the /cart is submitted to /checkout. 


To do this during /checkout phase a store must be on a Shopify Plus plan to be able to manipulate checkout.


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