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Adding meta titles/description to ''tagged'' pages that have been indexed.

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Hey guys, 

I have noticed that some stores on Shopify are able to create seo meta titles and descriptions for their tagged pages that have been crawled. This crawled data is different than the data provided from the root collection, let me explain: 

Example Tag url handle:


''shoes'' would be the root collection and ''converse'' would be the tag in the above handle.

By default, Shopify gives us the ability to add SEO titles and descriptions for root collections only, in this case ''shoes'' there is not a native way to configure any SEO titles or descriptions for the tagged url pages. Google just fetches the root collection meta descriptions and displays a new seo title containing the tag name. 

We have noticed that other Shopify stores have managed to somehow manipulate the seo titles descriptions for these tagged pages, rather than simply rely on the root collections meta descriptions.

Just to clarify, I am not simply looking to NO-INDEX the tag pages which has already been discussed in great lengths. Rather we are looking to add SEO titles and description to the tag pages that we allow Google to indexed. 

The solutions seems to be to dynamically plug these ''tag'' values into the seo meta titles and descriptions in the product.liquid.

Here is a rough example of what I am thinking would take place in the product.liquid,  lets assume the values between quotations below would be the dynamic values: 

Best Price guaranteed on all ''tag_value'' ''collection_name'' in Canada. Free shipping over $100.

If we use the Converse example above this would output a final meta description of: 

Best Price guaranteed on all Converse Shoes in Canada. Free shipping over $100.


My only hesitation and question on inserting these values dynamically is, how would Google crawl this data if it is dynamically rendered. If I am not mistaken Google wouldn't render these values during a crawl would it? 

Look forward to hearing any ideas the community may have on this. 







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Please tell me someone figured out the solution to this!  I'm having the same problem I'd like to solve.