Adding multiple images to each product variants in Shopify-Brooklyn

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I am trying to search for a class : product-single__thumbnails-item 

on the following product page:

However I found class : js-no-transition mz-thumb

But the class that I found (js-no-transition mz-thumb) is not available in 'product-template.liquid'


I need to find class 'product-single__thumbnails-item' or 'js-no-transition mz-thumb' in 'product-template.liquid' so that I can add multiple images to each product variant ( based on color).

Only images related to the product variant should show when the user selects a particular variant. 


My website is : (it is not password protected)


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Hi @SurTri,

I have checked and the product link you sent does not exist, you can check it again

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