Adding Newsletter signup to the footer menu

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I've searched on this topic but have all been outdate. If anyone has any idea on how this is done that'll be greatly appreciate! (brooklyn theme)

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Hello, Jia.

I'm Jason a guru here at Shopify!

So as you currently mentioned you are using the Brooklyn theme, this theme doesn't inherently have the option to add a newsletter signup functionality to the footer, I'm afraid.

Here are some alternative options:

  • All free Shopify themes have a newsletter signup section that you can add to your home page.

If you wanted to change your theme to a free theme with this functionality you could add the section by following the steps here. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes > Find the theme that you want to edit and click Customize > Click Sections > Click Add section > In the Promotional area, click Newsletter > Add > To display header text in your newsletter section, check Show header > In the Header field, enter the header text. For example, you could type "Subscribe to our newsletter" > Click Save.

  • If your theme doesn't include a newsletter signup form, then you use an email marketing app to add one. 

Here is a list of some email marketing apps that would certainly be worth checking out, they will allow you to set up effective email marketing campaigns.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you out with! 

Jason || Shopify

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Hi Jason,


I tried to follow your steps but the newsletter appears in the body of the page versus in the footer. Is there a way to add the sign up in the footer so that it carries through on every page?




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Hey there! Did you ever get a response? We're not having any luck or finding any apps that can create the signup in the footer.

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Not sure if anyone is still looking for how to do this, but I just completed this on my own 'Brooklyn' site.  It appears (unless someone knows a way around this) that you can not add a section into another section (Newsletter can not be added directly into the Footer), BUT you can add the newsletter section to the other page templates so it shows up at the bottom (below all content, and above footer).  The code to add it:


{% section 'newsletter' %}


And you add it to the relevant page templates in your site.  Just make sure it is at the end, below all other code, except for the Product.liquid page.  I had to add it just above the last piece of code "{% endif %}" for it to work the Product.liquid template.  The other templates like Page.liquid, Page-Full-Width.liquid,  All of those I added it at the very bottom.


Happy coding, and as always be careful and make sure you have a way to "undo" these changes in case you put it in the wrong place or make a small syntax error.  This can break your theme if you are not careful. 

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Here's how I added a Newsletter signup to the footer of the Supply theme:


Under Online Store, click on Themes and then Customize

Click on Footer

Scroll Down to Newsletter and check "Show newsletter sign-up"


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[Brooklyn Theme] This worked for me to add a Klaviyo embedded signup form on the footer, thank you!

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THANK YOU @Masselyn! This is what I needed. 

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Hey ,
@vacationholic Can you link the app url.Thanks!