Adding Product name to New Gift Card template

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I'm relatively new to Shopify liquid and I am trying to add the product name to the "New Gift Card" template under notifications.

I looked through the liquid variables and couldn't see any product information related to Gift Cards, so I used the following code in the template but it doesn't appear to be working.

Anyone got any suggestions? 


<table align="center" class="row giftcard__topmargin">

{% for line in subtotal_line_items %}
          {% if line.product.title %}
            {% assign line_title = line.product.title %}
          {% else %}
            {% assign line_title = line.title %}
          {% endif %}

          {{ line_title }} 
{% endfor %}


Also, just as a side quest question, in PHP, for example, I can use print_r() to print out an array of items that I can use on the page, is there an equivalent in liquid? For example, could I print_r(subtotal_line_items)?


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