Adding small images into product description (multiple images)

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I am adding a lot of small images into product description as eye-catching, quick infographics (img1).

I uploaded all of them once, and now whenever i need to add that image, i need to scroll through all img database (img2).


Is there any way to search them by filename or something like that? If the infographic is somethere at the end of the list, it takes ages to find it. Multiply it by thousands of products... 😞 



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However, there are a couple of workarounds you can consider to make it easier to find and manage your images:

  1. Organize your images into folders: You can create folders within your image library to categorize your images. For example, you can create folders based on the purpose or type of the images (e.g., infographics, banners, product images, etc.). By organizing your images into folders, you can quickly navigate to the relevant folder to find the image you need.

  2. Use descriptive filenames: When uploading your images, consider using descriptive filenames that reflect the content or purpose of the image. This way, even if you can't search for filenames directly within Shopify's image library, you can quickly scan through the list based on the filenames and identify the image you're looking for.

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Organizing images into folders sounds like reasonable solution. However, i tried to find that option within Shopify files database - no luck.


Does that require 3rd party App?

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When adding images into custom metafields, there is beautiful image search consol available (see screenshot).


Why not make it work for adding images into product description? There you can quickly search image you want to add.