Adding Unique Author & Author Bios to Blog Posts

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I want to change the author section on blog posts and add an author bio to the end of each blog post, without the need to add authors as staff members. I currently use a modified version of the Dawn theme.


This is to facilitate multiple blog contributors, each with their information visible on the posts they write. I am curious if it might be possible to use a meta-filter and some code to accomplish this?


Has anyone been able to find a solution for this issue?

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Hello @emilycg ,


There is an app available named "Custom Authors" through which you can add multiple authors but bio option is not available with it.

If bio is important then you can go with the metafields option.
Create metafield:
1) For author ( dropdown option with predefined values )
2) A multiline field to add Bio
But with metafields you need a developer to edit the code and add the logic so it will appear with each blog post or once check the blog post settings maybe there you will find an option to dynamically add it. 


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Hi @emilycg 

You can accomplish this behavior with Turboblog, an app that is an alternative to the built in Shopify blog. Turboblog allows you to create multiple post authors (without the need to add authors as staff) as well as add author bios and profile images render at the end the post. You can take a look at an example of what an author bio looks like at the end of this sample post.


Turboblog has a 10 day trial, so it's free to try out. If you need help getting setup or have questions, I'm the founder of the app so feel free to reach out directly to me and I can help assist!

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Did you even find a solution or tutorial on how to do this simply? Seems it would be  a nice default feature in the blog section.

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