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when i view the mobile version of the site the address bar color matches the primary buttons.

can you anyone help me change that?


Thank you 

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Sorry if a dumb question. But what is the address bar?

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It's ok,  the address bar is where the Url is displayed in my case

If you try to open the site on your andriod mobile. 

On IPhone it looks fine.


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So is sounds like we're talking about the browser header for the mobile app. Some browsers support colour customisation of that section. It can be pretty interesting from a design perspective. I've got it running on my own site too.

The theme will have a meta tag in the header like this:

<meta name="theme-color" content="#ffcc00">

For your theme specifically it should be:

<meta name="theme-color" content="{{ settings.color_primary }}">

If you want to set that to a custom colour just jump into theme.liquid and change {{ settings.color_primary }} to a hex value.

For more info:

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it worked!  :)

Thank you 

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It seems like things are different for the 'Supply' theme, I needed to add the whole line before the end of header tag to make it possible.



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