Advanced design problems (Debut theme)

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We are new to the Shopify community, currently we are facing some design problems, I hope that somebody will be able accept this challenge.

This website was created, while using the debut theme.

1: Our product image always gets a pink background instead of a white background when we look at the shop. 

Schermafbeelding 2021-11-10 om 21.52.37.png

2: We are having trouble adjusting the location of the "Login" button in our header (mobile view). We really want it to be on the left from our logo, so next to the hamburger dropdown menu/navigation menu (option 1), or IN the dropdown menu is also an option. (option 2) 

3: We want the 'Login' and 'Cart' button in capital letters, and replace/move the login button from the header inside of the dropdown hamburger menu, and if possible also the "login" button and the "cart" button must also be in capital letters, if it isn't possible to move them to the hamburger menu (same goes for all our text/buttons inside of our hamburger menu). This also applies to all buttons/letters in the footer. Our preference is to have login in the hamburger menu, and to have the cart visible in the header.

4. We did align our logo in the center (mobile version), what tip could someone give us to check if the logo is aligned in the center 100% correctly?

5. If we test adding an item to the cart, there appears a black, circular object with a number inside of it (the amount of item in cart), how do we customize this to how we want? Something like a pink square with a red number inside of it? 

Schermafbeelding 2021-11-10 om 21.50.33.png

6. We want to create a lookbook, I created a lookbook page. We couldn't find effective Shopify tutorials based on good looking lookbooks. Could someone give us tips on how to create a lookbook that's looking professional?

7. Where do we find effects for example, for the hamburger menu? Or the product images? We want to design a professional looking website with good looking, simple effects, something like a hover when scrolling over the header titles would be also appreciated. 

Unfortunately, after hours of work, we can't find the solutions to the difficulties mentioned above. Could someone tell us what we need to adjust to make this work? Thanks in advance and kind regards,


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sorry for that issue 

please use your free design time

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