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Wondering if anyone can help me

I've recently changed my shopify theme and redesigned to refresh theme, with some custom coding with the help of a shopify developer.

I'm very happy with everything although for some reason with the switch over, the afterpay message that appears on the product page under the pricing is gone, we have afterpay functioning etc I was wondering how I can get the message to appear as such on the product page, it was there before and for the life of me I can't remember how it appeared initially.

This is how it is now


This is roughly how I would like it to appear, (borrowed from another website) preferably in replacement of the text that says "shipping calculated at checkout" 

This is my website product page for reference.

Additionally I'm also having an issue where the image counter on mobile is showing 4/5 on the final image instead of 4/4. I've tried disabling a couple apps to see where the issue is with no luck and the issue is anyhow that every app I'm using I currently need fundamentally for the functionality of our website.

As shown below:


Any help appreciated, our next stock arrives this weekend and our marketing commences so I am in desperate need of fixing these issues ASAP.

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Hi @sleepingbooty ,


Can you provide me the access so that I can assist you on?


Thank you


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