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I have 2 issues currently on my site:

1// I can't seem to find out why I have products on separate lines in the category pages? I would like all the products on one line, not 2. See the image below. 



2// One of the images is a difference in size and out of alignment on the shop page, yet I can't find any details on the size of the other images to be able to load up the same? See the image below.



Thanks a million! 

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#1 For the the collection rows looks like an issue with stamped reviews, whever the code is being called it's not inside the products containers so it takes up space between the cards instead of being part of the products area.


#2 Is some sort of issue the padding-bottom on the image-wrap being set to only 100% instead of being dynamically adjusted.

This adjustment is a common technique to ensure consistent aspect ratios in layouts even if images or other content are inconsistent.


There's also a console error showing a problem with some "wsg-button-fix" not being able to load jQuery.

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