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I have checked the boards and seen a few others asking this question... some threads had solutions - but not the way I am looking.  I have seen where it limits the amount a person can buy - but this is not digital that Im wanting, its physical products.

I know the customer would need to be logged in so their history is ready of past orders. I am looking that if they try to purchase an item they already own, it gives a pop up message or maybe a flag/banner on the image  - anything really that shows they already have purchased this in the past... BUT can still allow them to buy it again if needed (maybe they lost original, or want to buy a second one because they want a spare, etc).


I have seen this on another website but I dont believe they are on the shopify platform.

When we told our customers we were moving to shopify for the new year, they asked for this as a feature if possible.

Any help and guides will be appreciated.  Im a newbie to shopify and do not know the coding, so I would need either step by step directions or to hire someone to install - if this is a possible thing to do.

THANK YOU in advance for any help!

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