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Alt tag {{ image.alt }} missing if image comes from Theme settings

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I've noticed that `{{ image.alt }}` isn't working properly.

- It returns null if the image was uploaded and retrieved from a section (Theme settings/customizer). (With section I mean for example those that appear on the homepage created thru schema, Theme settings/customizer)

- It works if the image comes from an Article, Product.

I've checked and all Shopify themes have this problem.

It's pretty damn bad for SEO, because you've a lot of empty <img alt=""> images on the homepage.


Any suggestions on how this can be fixed?


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Hey there @crusco ,

Yes, you are right, it's not good for SEO but the Shopify theme can't determine the alt-text themselves so the alt text needs to be added by the user. I agree that image picker sections should come with a text field to enter alt-text.

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Hi, any updates on this (or workarounds)? We added a collections section to the Homepage and added Alt Text to the image but on the live page th ealt text is blank. See Picture block below:
Agree its a major SEO Issue especially as its the Website Homepage.

<picture style="display: none;"><source data-srcset="// 750w, // 1000w, // 1500w" sizes="572px" srcset="// 750w, // 1000w, // 1500w"><img alt="" class="lazyautosizes Image--lazyLoaded" data-sizes="auto" data-optimumx="1.4" data-parent-fit="cover" sizes="572px"></picture>


Update there is a fix posted here for the Dawn Theme: