Anchor Links Directing Customer to Lower Portion of the Page

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I have a hidden Shopify page I am working on. It is a landing page featuring products for a specific outlet. There are so many types of products the page is a bit long. I want to say "Click Here to View Medical Products" and when the user clicks on that phrase, they are automated to a lower portion of the same webpage for the Medical Product section. I assumed this would be anchor links. I attached the code in a pdf file format. 


Here is the code I have: (User Clicks on this at the top portion of the page)

<p><a href=”#Medical”>Click Here for Medical Products. </a> </p>



This is where I want the user to end up: 

<p><h2 id=”Medical”>Medical Grade Products</h2></p>


When I click on the link I created at the top, I get the following link:



Any ideas?? Help or Suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


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