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hello guys, 

i have this code - 

<html dir="rtl">
<div data-hook="product-options-inputs"><div class="_1ZOt- fggS- cell"><div><div><div data-content-hook="popover-content-error-tooltip-undefined" class="Popover4266933384__root Tooltip2378515247__root Tooltip1348088892__root Tooltip1348088892---skin-5-error" data-hook="error-tooltip"><div class="Popover4266933384__popoverElement" data-hook="popover-element"><div><label><span data-hook="number-input-spinner-title" class="_3N3nl">quantity</span><div class="_2uERl" data-hook="number-input-spinner-container"><input type="number" pattern="[0-9]*" data-hook="number-input-spinner-input" aria-label="Quantity" max="99999" min="1" value="1"><div data-hook="number-input-spinner-arrows-container" class="bKBvP" aria-hidden="true"><span data-hook="number-input-spinner-up-arrow" class="_11lkb"></span><span data-hook="number-input-spinner-down-arrow" class="_3Bjyb _4Irna"></span></div></div></label></div></div></div></div>


This code is supposed to count the quantity in the product page before placing order. 

you can see the video here - (there is a white button thats the button of the quantity (just in diffrent language)

*if you guys cant see the video - heres the link -

i need help with 3 things - 

1. how can i put just the word "quantity" in the middle ? 

2. how can i do animation as the orange button to the white button(the code in the start of the post) ? 

3. how can i make the button with better look ? 

thanks guys.

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