[App] Create your own theme without writing code: Sktch.io Theme Builder

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Hey everyone,

We have recently launched Sktch.io Theme Builder.

It's a no-code tool for creating Shopify themes. Its interface is easy to use (similar to Webflow which is widely used for creating modern websites) and allows you to easily create complex themes saving you time and resources.

Creating and editing a Sktch.io theme is done visually, you do not need to write liquid or javascript code. The app automatically generates the code behind the scenes without you even noticing!

Here's the trailer video for the app:


We are looking for people to kindly test the app and provide us feedback for the app.

We know this tool can be a game changer for e-commerce as it simplifies the process of theme creation and removes code barriers.

Try Sktch.io Theme Builder

We're excited to hear what you think!
The Sktch.io Team

Sktch.io Theme Builder: Create Shopify themes without writing a single line of code!
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Hi @sktch-io  after creating theme from your app can we publish theme to theme store as our own license if yes will it be approve and does it according to the OS 2.0 standards.



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Redistributing themes is still in the works, but it's definitely in our roadmap.

Our app attempts to generate clean Liquid code and the sample theme we provide is based upon the Dawn OS 2.0 theme that Shopify provides. We have not submitted a theme built in our app to be published in the Shopify Theme Store yet though, so the answer to that question is still unclear.

How important is it for you to be able to submit a theme to the Theme Store? This will help us guide the development of the app.

Thank you for your comment it's very appreciated

Sktch.io Theme Builder: Create Shopify themes without writing a single line of code!