Arabic custom font to a page in my online store

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Hi everyone!


So I'm working on a new page in my online store, and I'm adding Arabic text in this certain page (the only page in my online store that will have Arabic text along with English text). And what I wish to do is to add a custom font only for my arabic text in this page, I have the font file on my computer in .ttf format, but I just don't know how to integrate it with my shopify page. Your help is much needed, THANKS!


here's the link to the page: 


and here's the link to my online store's homepage: 

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Arabic translations (System, Themes & Notifications) and RTL (Right-to-Left) layout are not supported by default by Shopify, so you need to create them by yourself


Fortunately there is a solution for you to use, check Mwwared

They offer a 100% Arabic & RTL Shopify Theme : Shopify Casablanca Arabic Theme

And a Shopify App for Email Notifications : Shopify Customers Notification App


Shopify is the best solution to go with. Feel free to reach out to me if you need assistance with your Arabic Store development and implementation.

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