Are there verified and trustworthy professional store builders available?

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We had an unsolicited approach by someone claiming to optimise store fronts. He wanted us to buy a premium shop design and offered to build us a professional store using the template. 

he could not give us any verification he was legit so we avoided him. 

however we would like a legitimate professional store maker that is verified and can be trusted.


Do they exist? 

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Hey @Nnift,


Do you already have a store and looking to optimize? or are you looking to build from scratch? 

You are free to explore, but if you need more information my contact information is in my signature below. 


If you just need my opinion and want to hire someone else, you can still contact me for my opinion, I'm happy to assist regardless of who you hire. What I can say is if someone is throwing their services at you, it's not really a good sign. 

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