Assembled product - quantity reduce for the parts used.

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I have a tricky question that I searched for hours to find a solution for but without any luck.


We have many products that get assembled. In our case it is trophies. 

A trophy is assembled with many pieces. The metal cup, plastic middle parts and a marble base at the bottom.

Beside that there are more variants of the trophy - aka. Different heights - for the different heights there are used different parts.


what I need is when a costumer buy a trophy in a specific design and height the parts used for that specific variant should be reduced in quantity. (Thinking of making each part a hidden product, where the variants are different sizes)


I’ve searched everything but can’t seem to find a solution for my needs.


looking forward for help and replies

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Shopify has no native concept of assembled products, compound products, parts inventory, inventory pooling, etc etc etc.


You generally need a sync app to maintain inventory levels amongt skus

For custom scenarios the automation app mechanic can fit most situations.

There are a few premade tasks, though you may script your own



Though it may be possible to pull this off using product bundling, or adding each part to the customers cart/checkout through theme customizations. Though then parts will show as individual line-items.


If you need either this type of automation, or theme customization or consulting then contact me by mail for services.
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