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Does anyone know of any way of having a rotating announcement bar for free ? I’ve tried some apps and some code but nothing seems to work. All free apps seem to have a catch. Any help is appreciated 

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the rotating announcement bar feature is inbuilt in most of the paid themes of Shopify, but not in free themes. 
So there are two ways of doing it,
first one is to add an app for that feature - which I would never suggest you to go for. Because whenever an app is installed in a store, first you have to bear monthly charges for running that app & it brings along with it a lot of unwanted scripts which will increase overall page load time and thus will reduce the website performance.     
and the second method is using custom code/ or making changes in your theme existing code without adding any additional scripts which will never have an impact on your website speed. And this would just be a one time cost.  
And since you just want to add a small feature to your store so I would recommend you to go with the second option. 
Please ping me if you want me to implement this feature for you on your store. 
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HI DAGNORAK i would love help with coding for the auto rotating announcement bar. I have announcement bar and wording set up just need to to auto rotate (move) please. Thanks