Automatically add tag to order based on specific products in order

Automatically add tag to order based on specific products in order

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I'm trying to figure out a way that when a customer purchases anything from a specific group of products in my inventory the order the place has a tag automatically assigned to it. The products in question all have the same product tag. So basically, if order has product with tag "product_a" in it, assign tag "product_a" in the order.


In my research to make this work, I've come across Shopify Flow app. Would that be the best way to do this? If so, could someone walk me through it? 


Thank you in advance!






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If you have Flow available you should be able to do that by creating a trigger for the products and action to tag the order.


You can also use Order Automator app to do stuff like this + more, for example if you need to do custom rules / send emails, etc, or want other order automation features.

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Me to! Totally stuck on this...and I am trying to use 'Shopify workflow', or as its named now 'Flow'.


I want to tag an order, when a certain product is ordered. I go to work flow, and select:


Start When > Order Created > Condition > At this point I want to see an option that says "Product is" or something like this, but there seems to be nothing even remotely like this as an option. Pretty sure this cannot be the case?


Has anyone successfully done it?Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 17.26.39.jpg

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Yea, i figured it out for us, we have a division where we store and upgrade boats and i wanted to be able to pull reports for that business. On the check if, we went with product title includes and filtered that way to add a tag to orders that included those items. 

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