Automatically open product description collapsible row

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Hello I’m using the code from this post:

{%- when 'description' -%}
{%- if product.description != blank -%}

<div class="product__accordion accordion quick-add-hidden" {{ block.shopify_attributes }}>
<details id="Details-{{ }}-{{ }}">
<div class="summary__title">
<h2 class="h4 accordion__title">
<b><span class="spaceicon">&#x1F4AD;</span> Product Beschrijving</b>
<!--<b>💬 Product Beschrijving</b>-->

{% render 'icon-caret' %}
<div class="accordion__content rte" id="ProductAccordion-{{ }}-{{ }}">
<div class="product__description rte quick-add-hidden">
{{ product.description }}

{%- endif -%}

but I want this collapsible row to automatically open whenever someone goes to the product page. The customer can close it because it is a collapsible row but it should start open like this


my url is

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Hi @TrendBlend 

The collapsible row section is not visible on the product page.

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