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Autoplay Flickity Gallery Slider

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We have a gallery on our homepage, with 2 pictures. 

This gallery turns into a slider on mobile, and we are struggling to make it autorotate, so the images slide automatically without grabbing them. 

Here is our website url :
Password : Dessein19129410!


Thanks a lot for your help!

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I hope you are familiar with coding. The simplest way here would be something like:

1. go to theme.liquid and replace theme.min.js with theme.js

2. find assets/theme.js and locate this code: 

cellSelector: ".gallery__item",

Then right below that line, add:

autoPlay: 2000,

That will make the slideshow change slides every 2s (2000ms). If you want it slower, then increase that number, and if you want it faster, decrease that number.

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Thanks so much!!! Worked perfectly