Background-color for collapsible row and bar on the left

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Hello I want to make a special delivery information collapsible row for my product page. But I don’t know how I can make the background color for it when collapsed and when not collapsed one color and different than the standard white like this:


 I would also like the left bar when collapsed seen in this picture >


it currently looks like this:


i only want the Verzending collapsible row to be like that. My url is:

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Hi @TrendBlend,

You can try the following steps:


Step 1: Go to Theme -> Edit code


view (13).png


Step 2: Search for the file base.css.

view (14).png


Step 3: Add this code snippet to the end of the base.css file.


product-info details {
    background: #f7f8fa;



Step 4: Save your code




view (15).png



view (16).png


Hope it helps!

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HI @TrendBlend 

The collapsible row section is not visible on the product page.

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