background distortions at different screen sizes

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Unfortunately, the background images of my shopfiy site or the dimensions of the direct sections are not optimised according to the screen size (to give an example: on large monitors, when editing on my laptop, the background image is drowned, there is too much space at the edges. On the other hand, different screen sizes produce different distortions in the background. (By the way, I have tried the backgrounds of both those written on Shopfiy and those written on other sites, according to the pixel size set for each section, but it still breaks.

I would be very grateful if you can help me with my problem.😊

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Could you please provide your store URL so we can take a look and give a solution? Thanks

It is probably due to the fact your background images are adjusting to the screen size. You can try using CSS code to adjust the sections background by specifying their size such as max/min width, height, width, etc:

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If you examine the page at different screen sizes, you can understand what I mean (the problem is not only the background images, but also the large screens have too much space at the edges.)

I am writing the link and password below.


I would be happy if you can take a look,

Thank You!