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Banner Sizes desktop and Mobile code

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I'm having some issues when it comes to optimizing my banner size to fit mobile & desktop. I have the venture theme. I couldn't seem to figure out a way to do this.

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so sorry to hear that you are facing this issues 

But you don't have to be worried!! you are welcome to Shopify community

Shopify website is very easy to operate and it has simple manual to follow up, because when it's comes to optimize banner image on both mobile and desktop mode for online shoppers views. Shopify has already set a suitable pixel for both mobile and desktop optimization, 1500×800 for desktop and drag and drop for mobile no need of manual optimizing

kindly hit like to my suggestion and simple accept as prefer solution


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Welcome to Shopify Community
kindly share your Store Url and elaborate your issue whatever you have?

Thank you.

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My issue is my desktop banner is the right size. When its opened on mobile it cuts off all the Slide banner pictures I have. I know i have to edit the code and paste it but I am not sure how to obtain that code. Please and than you


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The pictures tend to get cut off in mobile if that makes more sense. This platform does make it creating website a breeze, i appreciate the feed back