🧠 Basic Liquid: turn list into string with liquid tag

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Hi guys, 

Here's something that's probably very basic but I can't figure-out.


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I have a metafield which definition is single line of text + list of values + preset choices. Basically, a multi-select field.

When I print this field on a page with liquid, it is auto-formatted into a <li> list.

What can I add to the liquid tag to turn it into a comma-separated string?


Thank you!


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Hi @dsktdskt


I have created a metafield in my store with the exact same setup as you mentioned and I was able to create a list of items in the metafield using this liquid code:


Pairs well with <BR>{{ product.metafields.custom.goes_well_with | metafield_text }}


My metafield is named "product.metafields.custom.goes_well_with" which you can adjust to your metafield name. The output of this is shown in the image below.




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