Best way to add a 360 video to each product page media gallery?

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I'd like to add a 360 video to each of my product pages.  I have over 5000 products and this number will be increasing rapidly all the time.  This seems simple enough as Shopify allows you to upload a video directly in the media gallery of each product.  The issue I am running into is that the number of total videos that can be uploaded is limited by your Shopify plan.  Even if I were on their highest plan (I'm on Basic)  it still wouldn't be enough uploads.


So I started looking at alternatives.  Youtube and Vimeo integration is also easy and right in the media gallery of each product.  However Youtube and Vimeo limit the number of uploads you can have per day which would be far less than ideal.  That would slow my workload down to their maximum daily allowance of uploads.  For example if they allow 50 uploads per day and I have 70 videos to upload, the remaining 20 would get pushed into the next day's allotment and this would happen over and over again resulting in quite a backlog.


It would seem that I need an unlimited or high daily upload 3rd party video hosting service, and an app for Shopify that can integrate that 3rd party video link into the media gallery.  Has anyone done similar?  What hosting service and which Shopify app did you use?


Or maybe you solved this in a completely different way that I am not thinking about.  All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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