Bigger logo image without bigger header Dawn Theme

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Hi guys, i´ve been trying some previous solutions on the forum for this issue but with no results...I cutted all the excess space of the image logo but there is like a space in the header thats inherent to it. Is there anyway to eliminate this padding? The URL is Shopify Dawn Theme


Thank you very much

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Hi @Trucep thanks! I´m not an expert but i can manage following instructions for css changes. Do you know how can i solve this issue?

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Hi @Horaciocb 

I have reviewed your requirement on mobile, you just need to edit css script and the issue will be resolved.  You can follow my instructions! 

Step 1: Go to Admin -> Online store -> Theme > Edit code

view (25).png

Step 2: Search for the file base.css or equivement. And add this code snippet to the end of the file.

.logo img {
    scale: 1.5 !important;
    margin-left: 25% !important;

Step 3: Save and reload page in store front:

The result was resolved your requirement: "Bigger logo image without bigger header Dawn Theme": 



I hope these instructions will help you. If they are helpful, don't forget to like and mark as the solution.

Have a nice day sir! 

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