Blank Space on right side of product page

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Product page has blank space and need help locating the issue to resolve. Only has this issue on this specific product page:


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It's your "Featured On" ticker-tape with the rotating logos, that's causing the issue. 


Monosnap Snapshot 2023-11-14 11.00.05.png


I'm not entirely sure how to solve this, but I'm pretty confident that's the route of the problem. 


If you're using an app to generate that block/section, then I'd recommend reaching out to their support team directly for help resolving the issue. 


It looks good on mobile (and smaller screen sizes) so my guess is that it's not coded/formatted correctly for desktop, which is causing the page to be wider than it should be.

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Adjusted width of that section- no change. 

Hid the section entirely - no change. 


Also, that same section is also on the homepage of my site and it's not causing the issue there... 


Any other ideas?