Blog & Product picture issue for Dawn theme

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Recently I switch to the Dawn theme. It's a good the, but some issues really bother me,

1, When I write a blog, the header image is too big in desktop mode (it works fine in mobile mode), how can I adjust the width by some coding?截圖 2021-11-18 下午2.14.15.png


2. When I'm in the product page, one thing really troubles me in desktop mode, 

截圖 2021-11-18 下午1.51.47.png image in product page, it looks fine.

截圖 2021-11-18 下午1.51.53.png If I click any image (example, the one in the top-right), then the image will enlarge and occupy whole screen. I have to click ESC to cancel the image so I can see product information.  Can this "enlarge process" can be turn off?

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Please share store URL!


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Hi @dmwwebartisan 
Please refer to the Url .
Problem 1-still there.

Problem 2 - product image too large, I already solved by survey other article.

But I have a new problem. The video in homepage is also too big. Please also share your solution to adjust the video size.



截圖 2021-11-23 下午5.17.48.png