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Hi! I just started creating my blog for my online store www.

I can't see the NEWS blog default section as mentioned and the only way I can see my articles is by creating a section on my main menu but that's not how I want the blog to be listed...

I want to click on BLOG and see all my article's previews listed all in a same page... can you help me?



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Hey Teresa,

Deleted my comment below as I am able to see your blog post. You can see all your blog posts at this URL:

You can use this URL to set it up in your menu to allow easy access of your blog.

Let me know if you are still facing issues

If you can see one of your blog articles, can you share the URL here? 

From there we should be able to see the blog URL, and perhaps set it up in your menu so you and every website visitors can access it.

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