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I recently changed my theme to Dawn theme. 

Blog is a big part of my store, and I've just discovered that in Dawn theme tags are not visible and there's not even possible to filter in the blog "news" page.

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I've some questions, if any of you know : )


1. Is there any way to show tags in a blog post?

I can create them, but then are not visible anywhere on the article.



2. Is it possible to add a filter option in the "news" page?

At the moment the only options for the users is just go page by page, and It'd be great to have some kind of filtering option (tags, date)



3. The same way I can put a block with a concrete product collection I'd love to do the same with the blog post.

For example, choose to show all the blog post related to a specific tag! But it seems I only can choose to preview the

last blogpost. 


Thanks a lot in advance!!

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Hey there, 

It really depends on the theme where the blog posts tags would be shown and how they would be used to filter articles. I bumped into the same issues many times for my clients, and I end up creating an app for them, so they can set up the filters with tags and edit it anytime by themselves.

Here's a screenshot of the filters created by my app Blog Posts Articles Filter PRO, you can try it out for free here.

I'd love to know what you think and if this solves your problem.

I have also created a tutorial to setup our app on the Dawn theme, feel free to check it out here.


Better Blog posts discovery experience with Shopify Blog Posts & Articles Filter PRO | Setup blog article filters easily now with tags.
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Hi @Choong_HueApps 


Thanks for your reply.

In this case is the Dawn Theme.