Blog Post | How to make images inline with blog text

Blog Post | How to make images inline with blog text

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Hi Everyone! I am working on a custom theme, I want the images I add in between the text to look like they do in the editor, here is an example:

Screenshot 2024-07-03 142904.png

That is how they look in the editor and when I publish the blog post, it looks like this:

Screenshot 2024-07-03 142918.png


I tried the wrap text around image option but it is too messy, is there a way to create a new blog post template to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Detsibli 

Would you mind to share your store URL? i just like to check if it possible to align them.

If this fixed your issue Likes and Accept as Solution is highly appreciated. Coffee tips fuels my dedication.
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