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I am looking to create a page on my website that includes link URLS similar to Linktree to use in my bio on social media platforms.
Ideally this would have

  • Logo
  • Intro
  • Social Icons
  • About 

  • Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 3.18.14 PM.pngIMG_6471.jpg
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If your already using a design or pagelanding tool that exports HTML just place it into a pages html: 

Beyond that you'll have to make custom html , or a custom theme template, or use a pagebuilder shopify-app

Boundless theme uses the css class .btn  as it's style for <button> elements

<a src="" class="btn " style="display:block;">
  <span class="btn__text">Shopify</span>

The style="display:block;" is to make each link wrap below when they are not full width.


Merchants that need to buy this full customization can contact me at with store url, and design details.

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