Broken link terms and conditionn

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Yesterday I discovered that the link on the danish site to Terms & Conditions from the cart page is broken.

The link refers to<span class='notranslate> {{ link }}</span>  instead of

I can't seem to figure out where the problem is, can anybody help me to locate the issues?


The website is it is on the danish site and in the cart

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Hey @rebelcopenhagen 

I'm able to replicate what you're saying, 

Are you able to check the link that you pasted into the customiser settings to see if there's extra code? If not you'll need to go into the code editor and search for the file that loads this into the cart to check if it has extra code there as well


Let me know if i can help out further with this 🙂 

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Hi Dev-Brad.

It is not a link but a file that I put in there. I have tried to remove it and add it again, but the problem still remains.

I can't figure out which file to look at. I've tried every file that's named something with "cart" and can't find it.

I have also tried the "Translate and adapt" app, in case it is a wrong translation, but can't find anything there either.