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Brooklyn Theme - Blog and RSS Feed Link (broken?)

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  I am working to start up my blog and have 2 questions. (


1 - The RSS link on the blog page does not seem to be working correctly. I have not been able to find a solution online. When I click the RSS icon, I get a page of code.


2 - I would like to have the blog posts show up on the main blog page as 3 posts side by side on desktop and stacked one on top of the other on mobile. I am having trouble figuring out how to change the code to do this. I found a solution here for 2 side by side posts (1 for mobile). However, this code leaves the posts pushed to the left, not centered, so the text runs together (and is also only 2).


I am trying to teach myself how to code, but it is very slow going. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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My apologies - #1 is solved - I didn't realize I had the site open in Chrome. Ugh...

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Hi there- just ran into the same problem- getting code after clicking on the RSS feed button. I am assuming customers will also be using Chrome. Is there a fix for those that use Chrome? Thank you! 

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Exactly same issue. Created a blog post, blog is fine but the rss feed symbol in the footer, if clicked shows a page of html code. 

No idea about it, if you get a solution please share, as will I

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There are some issues that you are facing here in this blog and I think you need to checkhere some details about feed link and blog issue.

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There are some problems that you are dealing with here in this blog and I think you want to check right here a few details about feed link and weblog issue.