BUG - When click hamburger menu icon, cart drawer opens

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Hey everyone,

I have found a bug that is when I click the hamburger menu icon on mobile mode, then suddenly cart-drawer is open and it blocks to hamburger navigation(image). I am using a 3rd party card drawer app as Slide Cart Upsell (You see on Shopify app store) . When I made with the origin Shopify cart drawer, it works normal. Also on desktop mode works perfectly. Most likely the bug comes from the 3rd app. 

I tried to block card drawer when clicked the hamburger menu icon but it doesn't work.
If anybody did experience same situation with that app, you can share your ideas...

The theme now in development phase because of that I cannot share the website url.
Thank you.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 13.00.55.png

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