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I'm a hypnotherapist based in Scotland, UK.
I'm looking to build a website to sell my hypnotherapy sessions, but I want the customer to be able to select the session he/she wants.
Depending on what type of person you are.
People are inducted into trance in different ways.

Eg, if you are a gardener you will easily be induced into a trance with a story about flowers in a garden on a hot summer's day, a garden which has a stream running through it.

Where as if you are an accountant, this mat not work but you will be introduced into a trance via puzzle, travelling in a lift/elevator or maybe going down several flights of stairs.

Depending on what type of person you are there are about six common induction sessions to choose from.

So section A = options from 1 to 6 (Induction)

Section B = what session you wish, to give up smoking, stop drinking, lose weight, or deal with fears and phobias, section B would select an option from 1 to 20 (Main Session)

Section C would be a yes or no option. Do you wish to wake up after this session has ended or just allowed to drift into a natural sleep? If you are listening to the session in bed at the end of the day then you do not wish to wake up at the end. But if you are listening first thing in the morning or during your lunch hour then you wish to wake up. (Session Ending)

So the customer buys and downloads a single file called "ZZZ" which = A + B + C combined.

I don't have a clue about building websites, could this function be done on the Spotify platform?

How much would it cost for me to have a person build this site for me?

I will need to be able to edit the site to add/remove and change my sessions which are available once it is built.



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