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Hello guys,
I hope you are well and all is well. As I shared the example in the link below, I need a calculator where I can show the prices of multiple products, as well as show the discount and free product as a percentage, and then redirect to the checkout page. Has anyone tried something like this before? The site in the example was made with Shopify. If anyone has any ideas about this and share it, I would be very happy.




Here's what I have to do:

  • if user buy 1 single product - No discount/no bundle (unless people enter discount code 25-30%)
  • if user buy 2 products, bundle discount (%10) + free x product + Free shipping
  • if user buy 3 products, bundle discount (%15) + free x product + free y product + free shipping applied

and I'll do it all inside a custom landing page template.

I searched a lot but unfortunately I couldn't solve it.

Thanks in advance. 

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@benhasan Roughly this an order form with tiered pricing.


The sticking points with bundling/tier-pricing is how you handle the discount creation, and reconciling inventory if everything is separate skus and stock.

With the complex discounting you've listed you wont be able to do a workaround using native discount configurations as Shopify doesn't stack manual or automatic discounts.

However on Shopify Plus you can use checkout-scripts to manage complex discounting.

You may still need an app to sync inventory on the backend if things are not 1to1.

Bundling apps with varying feature sets it's not unlikely you will need multiple to achieve everything you've listed combined.

Automation apps like usemechanic can create draft orders from business logic https://tasks.mechanic.dev/create-a-draft-order-from-the-cart ,and manage the inventory.


Merchants that want this type of setup can contact me with store url, use case details and budget at paull.newton+shopifybundling@gmail.com.


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