Button to switch prices including VAT to excluding VAT (taxes)

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I've been looking for a long time on how to get a button in my header bar for example that would allowed my visitors to switch easily from prices including VAT to prices excluding VAT (B2B costumers) . Just a simple radio button would be nice .Thank you for your help. I use a Prestige theme

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I hope you are doing Great

There are some Steps First you need to

Access your Shopify Admin

Edit your Theme Code

Locate the Header Template

Add HTML for the Toggle Button

Add JavaScript to Handle Toggle Functionality

Update Product Prices

Save and Test


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Thank you but I don't have HTML code or Javascript to setup this feature right now.

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To implement similar functionality to the Tax Selector on your Shopify store, you can utilize the T-Selector (VAT Switcher) app available on the Shopify App Store. Here's how you can proceed:


  1. Go to the Shopify App Store and search for "T-Selector (VAT Switcher)"   : https://platform.shoffi.app/r/rl_d57P2zMM.
  2. Install the app to your Shopify store.
  3. Follow the app's setup instructions to configure it according to your store's needs.
  4. Customize the settings to match your desired tax selection options and styling preferences.
  5. Test the functionality to ensure it works smoothly for your customers.
  6. By using the T-Selector (VAT Switcher) app, you can provide your customers with a similar tax selection experience as demonstrated on the Tax Selector website you provided.
  7. Demo link: https://taxselector.myshopify.com/

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